Naturally you must be wondering: Why a Bavarian Hotel in Melle?

Bayrischer Hof in Melle In 1963 Franz Wilhelm Lanfer and his wife Mathilde purchased the Hotel Gunst in the heart of Melle. The couple had met and fallen in love in Bavaria and, in order to commemorate this time, the hotel was renamed "Bayrischer Hof" after its renovation in 1966.

At that time the Lanfers had already brought with them to Melle some original Bavarian recipes such as Weißwurst (white sausage), Schweinswürstle mit Sauerkraut (mini pork sausages), home-made Bavarian Semmelknödel (dumplings), Schweinshaxen (pork knuckles) and many more traditional Bavarian dishes. From the beginning on, the Bayrischer Hof has always featured an original beer brewed in Munich called Löwenbräu.

Bayrischer Hof in Melle

In the years that followed, their son Burkhard and daughter Astrid came into the world. Burkhard Lanfer studied to become a professional chef and inherited the family business following the passing of their father.

Upon becoming manager of the hotel in 1999, Burkhard Lanfer had extensions built which included a large hall for up to 180 people, additional hotel rooms and a beer garden. Naturally, the Lanfers are always coming up with new and innovative ideas on improving the service and offers provided, as they wish that all their guests fondly remember their experience at the Bayrischer Hof.

In short, the Lanfer family and their team is very pleased to welcome you to the Bayrischer Hof, and wish you a very pleasant stay.