Lunch buffet


*** soups ***
e.g. beef bouillon, potato soup, goulash soup,
onion soup, tomato cream soup

*** main course ***
e.g. variety of fish, chicken breast fillet, schnitzel,
roulades, pork hock, beef and pork loaf, smoked pork chop,
meat cut into strips

*** side dishes ***
e.g. potatoes, croquettes, potatoes with rosemary,
red cabbage, cauliflower, sauerkraut,
peas, beans, carotts,

*** salat buffet ***
e.g. salat, tomatoes, corn,
cucumbers, eggs, fish,
croutons, variety of dressings

*** dessert ***
e.g. panacotta, tiramisu

price pro person 8,90 EUR